Houston Solutions acted as ‘Senior External Advisor’ to a global consulting firm in London on Brexit.

Working directly with a Senior Partner, Houston Solutions produced weekly reports analysing and providing opinion on business and policy developments in the Brexit negotiations including trade, talent, global supply chains and political analysis.

Our insights and guidance insights and guidance formed the basis of strategic advices provided by this global advisory firm to FTSE 100 companies in the UK.

Through this role:

  • We providing monthly reports on understanding the implications of Brexit on customs arrangements in light of developments in the UK-EU negotiations, especially with regard to potential impact of changes on North-South arrangements and between island of Ireland and Great Britain
  • We provided analysis and mapping of the impact of tariffs and non-tariff barriers especially with regard to the potential ‘no-deal’ scenario. This included understanding WTO rules and engaging with sector specific organisations to understand the implications
  • We organised, curated and chaired an event in London with senior Whitehall officials which included contributions from the Head of Norwegian Customs, Senior representative of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Head of Global Supply Chains at the World Economic Forum to understand implications on customs and tariff issues in light of the UK decision to leave the EU.