On Track Technician Ltd (OTT) was founded by the Irwin Brothers in October 2016. The company provides Safety Personnel & Industry Accredited Trained Operatives to the Rail Sector. They have crews all over Northern Ireland working on routine maintenance of lines, safety solutions and new projects. The company has a major safety focus and ensure that all employees maintain all safety and equipment certifications. There are currently 60 employees.

Houston Solutions has worked with the company since its inception, advising on strategy and developing & helping deliver its plans for growth. This strategic advice has resulted in:

  • High levels of growth in both revenues & profitability
  • Securing the pre-requisite funding
  • Introduction to professional & legal advisors
  • Leadership development & mentoring for the 3 Directors
  • Recruitment of 3 senior key hires
  • Enhanced Processes & Technology Investment
  • Industry Quality Accreditation Standards